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Mers Bunker Surveys

To avoid conflicts of interest and to guarantee the integrity, Mers Bunker Surveys only carries out services for shipping companies, charterers agencies and acknowledged companies. This clearly shows where our reliability and integrity is based on. We are not carrying out any surveys for suppliers and/or sellers of oil.

Our professionalism and specialization is based on the many assignments we have received and implanted for many years.

Besides the ARAG area, we are also active in and among many other West European ports since 2018 with well trained and experienced bunker surveyors, who have years of professional, specialized and independent experience with B.Q.S. tasks.

Bunker Quantity Survey

We at Mers Bunker Surveys offer independent and accurate quantity measurement service for marine fuels oil bunkers. We provide complete documentation for each survey to support any claims to quality disputes. We also carry out pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and the receiving vessel.

Considering the present excessive bunker oil prices, we deem this type of survey absolutely necessary, in order to make sure that the quantities as mentioned on the Bunker Delivery Notes (BDN) are true and correct.

Before and after bunkering our surveyors sound/calculate the contents of the cargo tanks of the delivering tank barge, taking the actual temperature of the oil into consideration.

The difference between the contents before and after bunkering is the exact quantity of oil supplied to the sea going vessel and must be in line with the supplied quantity as mentioned on the BDN.

On/off-hire survey 

Our second area, on/off-hire bunker and condition survey is a bit different. Notably for these surveys it is necessary that the surveyor in question is steadfast, thus not easily influenced, so that the vessel will be delivered to time charterers/redelivered to her owners with a correctly certified quantity of bunkers.

Condition survey

Also the existing condition of the vessel’s cargo working areas, upon her delivery to time charterers, has to be reported very accurately (in writing and with photographs), in order to avoid possible disputes upon the vessel’s redelivery.

Types Of Surveys

» Remaining on Board (ROB) Survey
» Sludge Survey
» Sampling Survey
» BQS with Mass Flow Meter Assesment
» Quick Screening service for Mass Flow Meter Delivery

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